Best Apps for the Hard-of-Hearing

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Best Apps for the Hard-of-Hearing

It is very hard for someone who has lost their sense of hearing to communicate with anyone. Not everyone knows the sign language which makes it very hard for them to be on their own at any time. To make life easier for the people who are suffering from the loss of hearing, they can use any of the following apps from our list of Best Apps for the Hard-of-Hearing that will aid them in communicating with the people around them normally.

Louder TV

Louder TV makes it easier for the person with hearing loss to enjoy TV with their friends or family. It works as a personal amplifier, use headphones with Louder TV to enjoy TV shows with the family again.

Captionfish App

If you love watching movies but struggle to find the closed captioned movie trailers then Captionfish App will help you find the trailers of the newest movies with closed captions. It will also find the theaters where you can watch the movie with closed captions.

Play It Down

If you are frustrated with an elderly living with you who have lost their hearing then Play It Down will help you step in their shoes for a moment and let you experience how they hear the normal things, play music and you will know how they hear it. If you are in a noisy environment then Play It Down will also let you know if it can damage your ears.

Dragon Dictation

It is extremely difficult for someone suffering from the loss of hearing to understand what the people around them are saying but Dragon Dictation will help them understand and stay in the conversation. As the other person is speaking, Dragon Dictation will transcribe the words. Though not perfect, Dragon Dictation can certainly help them know the nature of the conversation.

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