Top 5 Selfie Apps 2017

Top 5 Selfie Apps 2017

We have all been there when you look pretty/handsome in real life but the default camera app in your phone is just not capturing the real you and that is why you need to try these selfie apps. The following selfie apps have different filters, effects, collage options and everything that you might need for a perfect photo on your social media account and all of them support selfie stick.


Retrica is the go to app for all the selfie enthusiasts out there who take their selfie on a daily basis to update on their social media accounts. Retrica always has a cool set of filters that you can use to make your face look cute or handsome. Retrica also has different in app effects that you can apply to your photo.

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5 Best Shopping Apps

5 Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for Free Right Now

Nobody likes to go to a store anymore, if they want to buy anything, they can do online and get it delivered at their home easily. It is great for the newer generation who avoids human interaction as much as they can. Let’s look at the 5 Best shopping Apps you can use.


Amazon is a world renounced name in online shopping. Chances are, you may have already shopped with Amazon. It is the most used online shopping platform and it is active in multiple countries. Amazon has other services too and you can get the Amazon Prime membership which allows you to order anything without having to pay the shipping costs.

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Best Apps for Pregnancy and New Parents

parenting apps

When a couple is pregnant or just recently had a baby, they tend to spend a lot of time on their smart phone or computer, trying to get as much knowledge as they can to treat their unborn baby right or raise them the right way when they are born.

Now with so much advancement in technology, the app store has never been so full of great parenting apps that will guide you on every step of your parenting journey. Check out our list of Best Apps for Pregnancy and New Parents that you can try to be a better parent.

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How Navigation Apps Make Travelling Easier

5 Social Media Apps You Need

More and more people from today’s generation are getting out of their boring lives every once in a while to explore the grand and exciting world out there, travelling to cities or countrysides they have dreamed of going but never been to, exploring exotic new places, eating different food and whatnot. Most people go by the maps which makes it all the more exciting but if you do not want your experience to be just staring at the map without any clue and want to have a real experience then you need a good navigation app. A good Navigation app will make your Travelling much easier and enjoyable and here are 4 reasons why you need one.


Convenience is huge when you are travelling to a different city on your bike, car or on foot. You may not realise it now but once you get frustrated by getting lost over and over again while trying to find a street, a good navigation app will make it very easy for you to reach your destination

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3 Apps to Sharpen Your Mind

Apps to Sharpen Your Mind

NeuroNation — Brain Training

NeuroNation is a cognitive training app that has 26 exercises and seven courses to exercise your mind. You can choose your preferred language in the app, it supports about eight different languages. This app is designed specifically to assist you in sharpening your mind through the provided exercises, improve your memory at the same time and also help you think faster. Like most people using this app, if your are highly competitive of your ablities and your progress, the app your abilities to students across the world. New exercises and games are added every month.

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Best Reading Apps for Your Kid

Best Reading Apps for Your Kid

The problem with the kids of this generation is that they spend most of their time playing video games, watching videos or being active on social media. It is a serious problem and if you do not act on it now it can ruin the future of your child where they will have no interest in studying and want to be on their phone all day long. That is why you need to install theses Best Reading Apps for Your Kid in the phone or tablet that they use so that they can grow their interest in reading.

Bob Books Reading Magic

Bob Books Reading Magic has all the best selling short stories and plenty of repetition that help the kids connect to letters and sounds. It will make learning fun for your kids and you will see their faces light up when they open this app.

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Top Wedding Planner Apps

Wedding Planner Apps

When you are planning a wedding, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to keep track of all the arrangements, how the bride and groom are going to get ready, which hotel to book, how to handle the guests, how to keep everyone on their best and what not but now you do not have to do all the leg work on your own, look at our list of Top Wedding Planner Apps that you must have on your phone if you are planning a wedding.


You are planning a wedding but you have no idea where to start. WeddingWire will help you manage the guest list and develop a budget. It also has a very compiling a list of wedding vendors so you can have it all figured out. It will automatically notify all your guests about the big day.

Glam App

If you are getting ready and you realize you need a hair and makeup genius right then, you can always open the Glam App on your phone and call a hair stylist specifically according to your needs. The app works great in more than a dozen U.S. cities. This app will save your time when you don’t have much of it.


Almost all the wedding websites are loaded with spam and nothing original and you can spend hours on your computer without finding even one worthwhile. Loverly has put together the list of all the wedding websites that you can need and get the best wedding inspiration. It has everything, from bridal-shower ideas to alternative wedding options all at one place.


If you are worried about the guests coming from out of town then just open the Skipper app on your phone, enter the size of your group, what kind of hotel you are looking for and Skipper will do all the work of finding the ideal hotel according to your needs.

Best Apps for the Hard-of-Hearing

Best Apps for the Hard-of-Hearing

It is very hard for someone who has lost their sense of hearing to communicate with anyone. Not everyone knows the sign language which makes it very hard for them to be on their own at any time. To make life easier for the people who are suffering from the loss of hearing, they can use any of the following apps from our list of Best Apps for the Hard-of-Hearing that will aid them in communicating with the people around them normally.

Louder TV

Louder TV makes it easier for the person with hearing loss to enjoy TV with their friends or family. It works as a personal amplifier, use headphones with Louder TV to enjoy TV shows with the family again.

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5 Best Apps and Games for Kids

5 Best Apps and Games for Kids


If you have children and you have experience finding a good game for them then you would recognize the Thinkrolls series of games. All the games in the series are very educational and fun to play for children but this installment of the game is the best yet. The goal of this game is that you will need to clear out a pathway so the rotund hero can keep moving forward without having to stop through a massive maze. Children will learn how to work with all kinds of contraptions, like gears, bridges, hatches, etc and figure out their practical applications.


Toca Nature is a great game to teach your young one how to plan a structure and build it to for any reason. Players can build hills and dig channels for rivers and lakes, without actually having to get into the dirt.  your children will Plant trees, whereupon rabbits, bears, fish, and beavers start mooching about their respective habitats. this teaches your young ones a lot about wildlife and improvising.


Endless Alphabet is a great way to start teaching your kids about small words and how a group of letters makes a word. Endless Alphabet will encourage your kid to complete the word by putting the right alphabet in place and it will display an amusing animation everytime your kid completes a word.


Metamorphabet brings a new way to teach your little one about alphabets. The old ways are getting out of sync but Metamorphabet does a good job at keeping the interest of your child with beautiful and interactive animations explaining every letter.


Teach your kid how to live with your neighbors using this interactive game. The character is living in his house and can interact with its neighbors and play mini games with them.