Appvn v/s TutuApp: Which Third-Party App Store is Best?

Appvn and TutuApp both are among the best third party app markets in the world. Let us compare all the pros and cons of these two top third party app stores and see which one is more useful than the other in terms of functionality.

Perks of using Appvn over TutuApp


  1. You can download more than just apps and games on Appvn app store like eBooks, music, ringtones, comics and much more!
  2. Appvn has a very simple and easy interface which anybody can use without having to read any sort of instructions.
  3. Appvn provides apps that are also compatible with older versions of android and iOS devices so that you can get apps even if you do not own smart phone with latest version of the OS. 

Perks of using TutuApp over Appvn


  1. The default language of TutuApp app store is English so you do not have to waste time using Google Translate App trying to understand what the in-app options mean.
  2. TutuApp can be used on jailbroken iOS devices as well as normal iOS devices. It also works the same with rooted and not rooted android devices.
  3. TutuApp is available for android, iOS and you can use TutuApp on Windows PC as well to download apps for your other devices.
  4. TutuApp has a built in trash cleaner which takes care of all the unused files and makes your device run faster.

Common Strengths of both Appvn and TutuApp

  1. You can use both Appvn and TutuApp app stores on Android as well as iOS devices.
  2. You get all the paid apps for free for your smart phones from Appvn and TutuApp
  3. Both Appvnand TutuApp support high speed apps and game download

Compare the pros and cons of both Appvn [Download] and TutuApp [Download] by downloading and using the app and then decide for yourself which one is the winner.

What Makes Appvn The Best App Store?

Appvn is a third party app store where you can get all sorts of apps, games, music etc for your devices. Appvn is one of the most popular third party app stores right now thanks to its long list of great features which make the app store super easy and fun to use.

Appvn Features

Let’s see the entire list feature that make the Appvn app store popular the reason behind the growing popularity of the app. The list of all the features of the Appvn app store is given below.

  • Appvn is available for all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows etc which gives the users freedom to use it on all their devices easily.
  • Appvn provides free apps for almost all devices. You can also get paid apps and all the popular apps for free in the app store.
  • Appvn is not limited to free apps, you can also download free games, free music, eBooks and other media content for free from the Appvn app store.
  • You do not require an android device with root access or a jailbroken iOS device in order to use Appvn app store on your smart phone or tablet, separate versions are available for respective variations. Because of this, a large no. of smart phone users can use this app store to download apps for their device as not everyone has a rooted or jailbroken device.
  • The default language of Appvn app store is English, unlike most of its competitors, which makes it very easy for new users to use the Appvn app store and download their desired apps or games on their device without having to use the Google translate app.
  • You can use Appvn on windows PC and download apps for other devices. This way you can use the Appvn app store on single device to download apps and games for different devices.
  • Appvn app store provides high speed app download and you can download multiple apps at the same time.

All these features, when combined, make Appvn a great app store which everyone can use to download free apps for their device whenever they want. Most of the features in the provided list are exclusive to the Appvn app store and that is why I would strongly recommend downloading and using Appvn app store at least once.

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