Download Snapchat Phantom Tweak for iOS – No Jailbreak

snapchat phantom tweak no jailbreak

IF you do not like the stock Snapchat app on your iOS device and want to get more out of your Snapchat making your social presence more exiting, fruitful and rewording then you need the Snapchat Phantom Tweak for your iOS device. This tweak brings a whole another world or functionality to your stock app and you can do much more with it. The features of the Snapchat Phantom Tweak are given below. Continue reading

How to Download iOS 11 Beta?

How to Download iOS 11 Beta

The beta version of the newest iOS 11 is out now and you can download it for your iOS device that is compatible with the new release. Before you go ahead and download it please make sure you have the compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod for the iOS 11 beta version to run on.

Please be aware of the fact that this is a very early beta version of iOS 11 and it is prone to bugs and issues so I would not recommend installing it on your primary device right away. Only if you have a test device that you want to try out this beta version on should you install it. Also make sure you have full backup of your device, either on your PC using iTunes or iCloud before installing iOS 11 beta on it. Continue reading

How to Customize iOS 10 Control Panel?

Customize iOS 10 Control Panel

Apple has added some new features to the iOS control panel of your new iPhone in the new iOS 10 updates but it still is not up to the taste of few people. If you are among those who think the iOS 10 control panel is boring and need something different, you now have the ability to customize the control panel on your iPhone using the jailbreak tweak CCPlus. Please make sure you have a jailbroken iOS device for this tweak to work on your smart phone. Continue reading

Why Does Third Party App Stores Certificate Get Revoked?

Why Does Third Party App Stores Certificate Get Revoked

If you own a jailbroken iOS device or a rooted android device you must have used at least one third party app store to download app for your smart phone. Most of the times the reason behind jailbreaking your apple device or rooting your android smart phone is to run hacked or forbidden apps and games only that can not be installed with the original operation system on your smart phone. iOS strictly does not allow you to install ant third party app store or apps downloaded from unknown sources on your device for the reasons explained below. Continue reading

The Top 5 Free Music Apps for You

Top 5 Free Music Apps

Music is an essential part of our everyday modern lifestyle, let’s look at The Top 5 Free Music Apps For You that will make your music listening experience a breeze.


Pandora is a wildly popular music app that works with almost all devices. Pandora is a free music listening app, just open the app and type in your favorite artist and Pandora will automatically create a playlist consisting similar songs from the artist as well as other artists. If you buy the premium version you can save your current station along with ad free music listening experience.

Continue reading

Top 5 Cydia Hacks/Tweaks for iOS Users

top 5 Cydia Hacks Tweaks for iOS Users

If you have just jailbroken your iOS device then you need to know these Top 5 Cydia Hacks/Tweaks for iOS Users that will help you take full advantage of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.


Activator is one of those essential apps that you should install right after jailbreaking your iPhone. Activator is useful for a lot of things such as assigning shortcuts which can be accessed quickly saving your time. You can assign double tap on status bar to open app switcher which will split your screen so you can multitask efficiently. Continue reading

How to Jailbreak an iPhone/iPad?

Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iOS brings a whole new world of customizability to your apple device. You can now install app that were not previously allowed to be installed on your phone. You can take full control of your apple device and run the phone at its full capacity.

Please be aware of the fact that jailbreaking your iOS device may lead it to be venerable to other security threats. Please be extra careful while downloading apps from unknown sources and I would recommend not download apps at all from unknown sources. Download your desired apps from reputed app stores only so the apps you download do not steal all your personal information. Continue reading

5 Best iOS Screen Recording Apps of 2017

Best iOS Screen Recording Apps of 2017

Let’s look at the 5 Best iOS Screen Recording Apps of 2017 that help you capture the live screen of your iOS device in high definition.


dr.fone is easily one of the best screen recording apps for iOS devices right now. It is a great app with lots of functionality to record great video but it also has other functions as well. You can stream the video being recorded on to your handheld device or even your computer screen. It makes it very easy to transfer completed videos. Continue reading

The Best 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

The Best 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

If you think Play Store is just not good enough or you are not able to access it because you do not want to log in with your email ID then check out our list of The Best 5 Google Play Store Alternatives which will provide the same or better apps for a reasonable price.


TUTUApp is one of the lading Google Play store alternatives right now with thousands of active users worldwide. Best features of TUTUApp include free paid apps, hacked and tweaked apps, hacked games and free media content from hacked apps. You can download hacked versions of popular apps as well. Continue reading

5 Most Popular Apps That Are Deleted From Google Play Store

5 Most Popular Apps That Are Deleted From Google Play Store

Google Play store has banned many apps for its app store because of the violation of one or more of their policies. Let’s look at the 5 Most Popular Apps That Are Deleted From Google Play Store and explore the reasons behind them being banned from this platform.


TubeMate is a great app if you want to take any video offline from YouTube. You can surf all the popular video sharing platforms on TubeMate such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc and download any desired video on your smart phone with one click. The download speeds are great and you can download more than one video at the same time. Continue reading