Top 4 Gallery Apps for Android 2017

Top 4 Gallery Apps for Android 2017

Most phones shipped without stock android have the preloaded apps developed by the manufacturers. This is great if you have the flagship smart phones but with the most budget phone, you get crappy preloaded apps that you don’t like at all. Gallery is one of the most used apps on any android device and if you do not like the gallery app on your device, check out our list of Top 4 Gallery Apps for Android 2017.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a very creative and good looking app gallery app from Google itself. It provides the best view of all the photos you have on your phone. It is linked directly to your Google account and you can back up any number of photos you want, it provides unlimited storage. Continue reading

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps

If you are living in a big city, you seldom have time to go out and search for a good café or scan out the entire shop for the perfect coffee table. You might find it hard because of your busy lifestyle but there are a lot of apps that can make your life much easier and stress-free, which will help you in many everyday tasks such as picking out furniture, buying groceries etc. Check out our list of Top 5 Lifestyle Apps that you need to have on your smart phone.


Happn is an online dating app which is trending on the Google Play store right now. The way Happn works is, you will see a whole list of people who have passed you by in real life and now you will see them on your timeline. You can start a conversation if both of you are interested in each other. Continue reading

Top 5 Workout Apps

Top 5 Workout Apps

It is hard to stay fit and healthy in today’s busy lifestyle, we can not even spare time to work out sometimes. Joining a gym is a good to start but then you need a trainer to teach you everything about fitness and exercises but what if the trainer was free and you could ask it anything, anytime you want? These Top 5 Workout Apps have everything you need in order to achieve your fitness goals, check them out.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout is a fitness app which is made to help those who are overweight and desperately need to lose some weight to get in good shape. As the name suggests, it is a 30-day challenge and the app will tell you exercises and workouts you need to do that are scientifically proven to help you. Continue reading

Top 5 Browsers for Android 2017

Top 5 Browsers for Android

Internet browsers are getting better and better with time and now the developers have focused more on improving the mobile browsers with regular updates because the majority of users use these browsers on their mobile phones. Let’s look at the Top 5 Browsers for Android 2017 that you must have on your phone for fast surfing and faster downloads.


Google Chrome browser is one of the most downloaded browsers on the Google play store. If you have an android phone running stock android then Chrome is the best fit for your smart phone. It is fast and downloads are easy and it works even better when the OS is stock Android. Continue reading

Top 5 Magazine Apps

Top 5 Magazine Apps

Who doesn’t like a daily dose of magazines? They are books with images and they are a lot of fun to read but there is one drawback, they are pricey. You will need to spend a lot of money if you want to read a magazine, certainly a lot more than buying an app on the Google play store and that is why we have created this list of Top 5 Magazine Apps that you must have on your phone, check it out.


If you live in India and are fond of magazines then JioMags is the best app for you. JioMags contains the majority of Indian magazines and you can read them in your desired languages too. You can select text from different magazines and save them together.


If you like all your favorite stuff arranged together so you do not have to search them individually then Flipboard is the app to go with. You can select your interests from the hundreds of options and you will be served with the latest according to your favorite topics.


Issuu hosts reading content from millions of publications on your phone and that too for absolutely free of charge. You can read fascinating and unique content from all around the globe and you can discover everything new in technology, movies, travel etc.


More than 9,000 different magazines and unlimited articles from all over the world, everything compiled together to give you the immersive experience of reading on your smart phone for free only on the Magzter app.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is not a magazine app but you can buy and download any magazine or book you desire from this app. It is a virtual marketplace for books and magazines. Download the reading content on your smart phone and read them as eBooks comfortably.


Top 5 Travel Apps

travel apps

Are you planning to travel some place exotic? If yes then you would already know how essential it is to pack everything that you plan to carry but it is equally essential to have the travel apps that will help you a lot along the way. Check out our list of Top 5 Travel Apps that might need on your way.


If you are travelling to the exotic cities and want to discover all the little details that make it great and contribute to its beauty but rely on Google maps then you will be disappointed. Citymapper gives you a more detailed and comprehensive view of the public transports so you can explore without boundaries. Continue reading

Top 5 Screen Apps for Android

android launchers

This category of apps has some of the most fun apps in all of Google Play Store. You can find prank apps, screen brightness apps, screen filter apps and much more that you can use to prank someone, keep your phone safe and secure against anyone who tries to unlock it without your permission or to just take care of your eyes. Let’s look at the Top 5 Screen Apps for Android.

Broken Screen Prank

This a fun app that you can download for free on your android smart phone and prank your friends or anybody around you into thinking that you have dropped your phone and cracked your screen or do a magic trick where you make the cracks go away. Continue reading

5 Best Multiplayer Online Games 2017

5 Best Multiplayer Online Games 2017

As the world shifts more towards the online presence of everyone, the mobile games are also evolving. Now you do not need to ask anyone to play a game with you, just open one of the below-given games on your phone and play with a real life opponent. Let’s check out the 5 Best Multiplayer Online Games of 2017.

Ludo King

Ludo King is the most popular online multiplayer game in the Google Play store right now. You can play a game of Ludo with another individual while using your phone. Anonymous players play together and bet their in-app money on the match, the winner takes it all. It is a very addictive game and people who play it once just can’t have enough of it. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps for Instagrammers

Apps for Instagrammers

If you are active on social media then you would know how important it is to be present on the biggest photo sharing platform, Instagram every day. If you are not active then you might lose a lot of your followers which will not come back. If you want to up your Instagram game then here is our list of Top 5 Apps for Instagrammers that you should try.

Unfollower for Instagram

Let me tell you a secret, your followers will grow in massive amounts if you follow other people with similar interests. It is a very useful strategy but how do you unfollow the people who do not follow you back when you have thousands of followers? Use the Unfollower app which will tell you the people who you are following but they are not following you back. Continue reading

Top 5 Online Music Streaming Apps Android 2017

music streaming apps

Music is the best getaway in our everyday lives and a good music streaming app can make our busy life seem so much easier if only it could play the best tracks according to your current mood but there are only a few apps that you can trust. Let’s look at the Top 5 Online Music Apps Android 2017 that will help you flip your mood or help you relax when you want to, check them out.


SoundCloud is the best platform if you are an up and coming music artist because it is the place every small and big artist comes together to share their content. This is also the reason why it is one of the best music streaming apps on Android because you can listen to a lot of great songs from small artists which you would not hear otherwise. Continue reading